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Teaching the ABCs of Blood Donation

Tammie Klein

Carter BloodCare
Bedford, Texas

Tammie Klein wants every citizen of Alvord, Texas – population 1,334 – to donate blood, and she’s well on her way to achieving her goal. As blood drive coordinator for Alvord Elementary School, she was in a perfect position to start with Alvord’s youngest generation.

In conjunction with Carter BloodCare, Klein started the Junior Leaders program at her school. The program teaches students who are too young to donate blood themselves the importance of blood donation and its impact on the community. They learn how to organize a blood drive, manage an education and awareness campaign, and encourage their parents, teachers and neighbors to donate blood.

In just two years, the Junior Leaders Blood Drive at Alvord Elementary School grew from collecting 100 units to collecting 168 units. Its success led surrounding schools to get on board, resulting in collecting nearly 1,000 units during the 2015/16 school year. Klein also donates her time at the blood drives – from babysitting children so parents can donate to recruiting support from local businesses.



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