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Specialty Products

The Fenwal line of specialty products are intended to help operators improve precision and accuracy in their processes which will lead to improvements for your operations.

Segment Sampling Device

Single-use segment sampling device designed to help safely access blood from a tubing segment Hematype

Tubing Sealers

CompoSeal Fenwal offers a line of dependable tube sealers including portable and bench-top units designed for all your sealing needs.
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Sterile Tube Connection System

System for sealing and connecting medical PVC tubing while maintaining CompoDock a closed system.

Hemoglobin Screening Device

Rapid screening device designed to measure hemoglobin from human capillary whole blood. Results displayed within two seconds.

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Donor Chair

Donor chair is fully upholstered and designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor

Donor Chair

Donor Tube Stripper

Used to strip blood from donor tubing into
the blood collection container.

Transfer Packs

Transfer Packs

Transfer packs in multiple configurations to address your needs

Transfer Packs

Transfusion Sets

Multiple options and configurations to address your transfusion needs

Transfusion Sets

Platelet and Cellular Sample Transfer Kit

Used for the collection of Platelet samples for bacterial detection testing

Bone Marrow Kits

Bone Marrow KitA simple and effective approach to collection and filtration of aspirated bone marrow for autologous or allogeneic transplantation.

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