Apheresis Collection

Achieve greater mobility with Alyx and the collection of red blood cells and plasma


Component Collection System

The cost-saving, mobile, multi-component collection, processing and leukofiltration system that delivers versatility to your operations. The Alyx system gives you more ways to get the most from your donors, your team and your business.


  • Two units of leukoreduced red cells
  • One unit of leukoreduced red cells with two to three units of plasma
  • Up to four units of plasma
  • Single unit recovery (2RBC only) feature in the event a procedure is terminated early

News releases:

FDA Clears New Plasma Protocol Software for Fenwal Alyx System

Court rules in favor of Fenwal ending nearly 6-year patent dispute with Haemonetics

Fenwal Receives FDA Clearance for Wireless Data Export on Alyx Blood Component Collection System

Fenwal, Healthcare-ID To Develop Productivity Software For Blood Centers


Irradiation of ACD-A/AS-1 red cells
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Key features and related products

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Operational efficiency

Alyx is designed to help optimize your bottom line with reduced labor and error related costs and the ability to increase collection of high value components.

Data management enhancements

Track and report key statistics such as donor parameters, procedure summaries, alarm summaries and blood loss calculations.

Donor friendly
  • Completes collection, on average in less than 30 minutes for 2RBC and less than 45 minutes for Plasma collection.
  • Provides greater donor comfort by maintaining the donor’s isovolemic state
  • Perfect for mobile drives at high –school and college campus locations

Related products

Alyx Cart (R4R5728)

Custom designed Mobile Cart with stair climbing wheels that optimizes transportation of the Alyx System. Functions as a workstation in the mobile setting. The Mobile Cart has a hard cover case to protect the instrument during transport.

2RBC-LR Kit (4R5720)

ALYX_2-RBC-LR_Kit.jpg The ALYX 2RBC-LR Kit designed to collect two (2) units of leuko-reduced red cells.

Specialty Products

Fenwal’s expanding suite of specialty products can help you maximize your efficiency and reduce operational costs today.

Plasma Kit (4R5730)

Plasma Kit (4R4730) The Alyx Plasma Kit designed to collect up to (4) units of plasma.

RBC/Plasma Kit (4R5700)

ALYX_2-RBC-LR_Kit.jpg The ALYX RBC/Plasma Kit designed to collect one (1) unit of leuko-reduced red cells and concurrent plasma product.

Apheresis Collections

Apheresis Collections Our comprehensive portfolio of apheresis collection systems provide high-quality, flexible component collection and processing for your donor centers and mobile drives.